Well Being Campaign initiates to transform community response to the pandemic in Darjeeling Hills

Darjeeling, 17th May: Using the hashtags #Bringbackthesmiles #Webuildeachother, the Well Being Campaign is all set to change the information game in these trying times - from top-down directives to modeling everyday safety standards, from negativity to positive action language, from fear and doom to healing, well being, hope and growth.

It seeks to provide simple coping strategies that can also impact the community beyond the scope of the pandemic. It is set to reach every household in the Hills through social media posts, telesupport, local news and community radio - in Nepali language.

This initiative is a partnership between organisations - Hayden Hall Institute, Gandhi Ashram School, DLR Prerna, Encompass, Art Mile, Heartworks, Sumitra Yoga Shala, Vacay Workers, Himalayan Institute of Goodwill and Living Ethics and Darjeeling Goodwill Centre. The series will be broadcasted on Radio Salesian 90.8 FM, our radio partner on Saturdays from 2 to 3pm with a repeat broadcast on Wednesdays from 6 to 7pm from Saturday, May 22, 2021.

The topics that will be covered revolve around education, music and the arts, social media, physical and mental well being, legal rights and urgently combating COVID through safety standards and vaccination.

The speakers, representatives of the organisations will address issues concerning people from all walks of life. The campaign includes volunteers in villages calling up commuity members to check on them from time to time that will inform customised response to their needs in the form of linkages and content through campaign posts on the organisation’ social media channels.

The Well Being Campaign invite non profit organisations, community based organisations, the media and influencers to join the campaign, engage with our posts, create their own posts and reach out to the community and start having conversations that build each other and bring back smiles.

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