Three injured in a head-on collision between two cargo trucks on NH 327

Kharibari, 16th June: A grave accident unfolded late Saturday night on the National Highway No. 327 near Panitanki of Kharibari, as two cargo trucks collided head-on, resulting in injuries to three individuals.

As per reports, the collision occurred on the road connecting Siliguri to Bihar, when two cargo trucks traveling in the opposite directions collided. Consequently, the frontal portions of both vehicles were severely damaged. Meanwhile, the drivers of the vehicles were trapped inside the cabins. Local residents, alerted by the sound of the collision, rushed to the scene. Subsequently, authorities from the Panitanki outpost police and the Naxalbari fire department swiftly arrived at the scene and rescued the injured.

The injured drivers were immediately transported to the Naxalbari Hospital in a police van and a fire engine. Later, they were further transferred to the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH) for urgent medical treatment.

Meanwhile, locals expressed frustration over the delayed arrival of an ambulance during the emergency. Additionally, the collision resulted in traffic congestion along NH 327. However, authorities managed to remove the vehicles using a crane.

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