Pratichi Roy Talukdar of Cooch Behar ranks fourth in State Higher Secondary Exams

Cooch Behar, 08th May: Pratichi Roy Talukdar, a student hailing from Cooch Behar, has clinched the fourth position in the state’s higher secondary examinations. Pratichi, a student of the Sunity Academy in Cooch Behar, achieved this remarkable feat by securing an impressive 493 marks. Notably, she stands out as the top-performing girl across the state.

According to reports, Pratichi resides in the Patakura area of ward number 18 of Cooch Behar. , Pratichi’s father, Pranab Roy Talukdar, worked as a teacher at Jenkins School in Cooch Bihar, while her mother, Jhuma Saha Talukdar, is also an educator. The entire family is elated and proud of Pratichi’s outstanding results in the examinations.

Reflecting on her success, Pratichi expressed her gratitude, stating that she hoped for a favorable result however securing the fourth position came as a surprise. She further mentioned waking up early in the morning to study and diligently maintaining regularity in her studies with the guidance of 7 tutors. In addition to her academics, Pratichi also enjoys singing and drawing. Regarding her career path, Pratichi aspired to become a doctor.

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