N.F. Railway takes measure to deal with the spread of Coronavirus

Maligaon, 11th March 2020: N.F. Railway has taken all possible measures to tackle the spread of the deadly Corona Virus within its jurisdiction.

As per the press release, Chairman Railway Board and all the General Managers of different Zonal Railways are personally monitoring the steps taken to create awareness and prevention of the disease as per guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, as crores of passengers including foreign nationals travel daily by using Indian Railways as a mode of transport. As awareness is the key to stop the spread of the disease, the NFR is taking various steps to make rail users aware.

Regular announcement in local languages are being made through Public Address system in all stations.
Posters in various languages depicting the Dos and Don’t for protection from the virus are displayed in prominent locations like railway coaches, railway stations, railway colony, market, school, offices, hospitals, etc where substantial numbers of people gather each day for work and journey.

Videos showing the precautions to be taken are being played in stations where such facilities are available.
As a matter of preparedness; NFR has already taken the following steps:

Medical control rooms are already in position at designated hospitals within the operational area of NFR. Details of such hospitals with contact numbers of doctors have been circulated through various media including social media.
1122 beds isolation ward facilities have been kept ready in different hospitals in the jurisdiction of NFR for keeping the patients in quarantine in case of any suspicion.

Hand sanitizers are being distributed amongst our frontline staff who normally come in contact with the public frequently.

Passengers are being informed to contact TTE or Station Master for necessary medical assistance if they feel sick during travel with a symptom of the disease.

Railway authorities are in close contact with the nodal authorities of State Govts for close coordination.
However, no confirmed or suspected case of Corona Virus has been reported in the entire jurisdiction of N.F. Railway as of now.

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