Gang of 11 making fake ‘branded’ shampoo busted in Siliguri

Siliguri, 14th October: The Pradhan Nagar police arrested a gang of eleven members from a hotel located in Siliguri Junction for manufacturing duplicate shampoos of various brands.

The arrested have been identified as Seejan Mallick (18) of Dwarka-Delhi, Saifeer Khan (18) of Islamnagar-Uttar Pradesh, Shakul Mallick (19) of Alladatpur-Uttar Pradesh, Salman Mallick (28) of Nehru Bihar-Delhi, Rinku Kumar (19) of Nahavar-Uttar Pradesh, Chottu Ali (22) of Islamnagar-Uttar Pradesh, Salim Khan (33) of Pelipokhan-Uttar Pradesh, Sonu (28) of Islamnagar-Uttar Pradesh, Md. Ashim (22) of Tedhibaghiya-Uttar Pradesh, Sabbir (21) of Adras-Uttar Pradesh and Arif Khan (19) of Allapur-Uttar Pradesh.

According to police sources, a group of persons were staying at a hotel situated at Siliguri Junction under Pradhan Nagar Police Station area. They used to buy empty bottles of well-known shampoo companies from the scrap shop. The gang then manufactured and processed duplicate shampoo inside the hotel itself. The adulterated shampoos were sold in and around Siliguri and its adjacent area. Apparently, the hotel management did not have a clue about this.

However, the Pradhan Nagar police station received a tip-off regarding the wrongful act and raided the said hotel last night. The police recovered a huge quantity of fake ready-made shampoos and empty bottles of well-known brands. Eleven people were arrested in connection to the incident and were produced in the Siliguri court today.

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