Elderly man dies after falling into drain while grazing cows in Naxalbari

Siliguri, 15th June: In a tragic incident, an elderly man named Saban Gaud (70), lost his life after falling into a drain while grazing cows in the Merry View Tea Estate area of Naxalbari.

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon when Gaud went to the tea garden to graze his cows. He unexpectedly fell into a drain, and local residents later discovered his body. They immediately informed the Naxalbari police station.

Upon receiving the news, police officers arrived at the scene, recovered Gaud’s body, and transported it to Naxalbari hospital. The body is scheduled to be sent to North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH) for a post-mortem examination on Sunday.

The police have initiated an investigation to determine the circumstances leading to the incident.

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