COVID-19 impact: Virtual court to be introduced in Jalpaiguri Circuit Bench

Jalpaiguri, 19th June: Aditi Shankar Chakraborty, Assistant Public Prosecutor of the Circuit Bench, stated that a virtual court will be launched in the Jalpaiguri Circuit Bench soon and it will run from the Principal Court itself.

During a press conference, Aditi Shankar Chakraborty stated that the High Court, Principal Bench, and Jalpaiguri Circuit Bench were shut down for the past several days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, a meeting was held along with the High Court Authorities and the Justices, where it was decided that bail for criminal cases and anti-bail applications can be presented through the virtual court.

As per the information, the court will remain open from next week and the government lawyers can come to the court. However, not more than five people will be allowed to gather. Case hearings will be conducted through laptops and tablets. Besides, cases can also be filed through online procedures. The judges of Kolkata will sit in the Principal Bench. Presently no judges are appearing in the Jalpaiguri Circuit Bench.

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