Alert Siliguri police locate parents of the wandering child within hours

Siliguri, 04th February: Vivek, the child who was earlier found wandering by himself in the streets adjacent to the Kishore Sangha ground premises of Ward No. 4 under Siliguri Municipal Corporation has been returned safely to his parents.

According to the information, Vivek is a resident of Ganga Nagar. He left his house this afternoon and went to a nearby shop. However, he lost his way and could not return home. The child’s family members came to know about his whereabouts with the help of the police.

Earlier in the afternoon, the child was sighted walking around the Kishore Sangha ground area by himself, this afternoon. When residents of the area approached the child, they realized that the child was lost. Being responsible citizens, the men took the little one to the Khalpara Town Outpost. The Khalpara Town Outpost then started looking for the child’s family members.

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