White pick-up van with blood stains recovered by Pradhan Nagar Police 

Siliguri, 05th August: Sensation arose in the area of Pavitra Nagar when Pradhan Nagar Police Station recovered a white-pick-up van abandoned in suspicious circumstances. The vehicle was parked near Mother Teresa School under Ward No. 46 of Siliguri Municipal Corporation. 

Reportedly, this morning, locals came across the van and immediately informed the police after seeing blood stains on the van with the number WB73G1929. Adding to the mystery, there was no sign of the driver. The cops of Pradhan Nagar police station reached the spot and contacted the owner of the vehicle over the phone. 

Reportedly, when the police questioned the owner, he said that this morning, the driver of the vehicle had called him saying that he was heading to the hospital to treat his injuries as he alleged that he was robbed and had sustained some wounds. 

After interrogating the owner of the vehicle, the police seized the pick-up van and took it to the police station. Locals alleged that there are traces of blood on the road and inside the van, and a rum-liquor bottle was also found near the vehicle thus speculating that there might have been a brawl between people.

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