Two arrested for duping jeweller with fake gold as mortgage for loan in Siliguri

Siliguri, 02nd September: Two men were arrested for cheating a jewellery shop owner with fake gold. Reportedly, the duo came to a gold shop on Hill Cart Road on Thursday evening and tried to mortgage for a loan with some gold ornaments. Before making a deal, the jeweller inspected the items and it was eventually revealed that the deposited gold was not genuine and merely plated.

The matter was immediately reported to the Siliguri police station. Acting promptly, the police arrived at the scene and took the two crooks into their custody.

During investigation, it came to light that the accused had cheated another jeweller at Hill Cart Road this morning too. They were even successful in taking Rs 15,000 by mortgaging fake gold. With this revelation, it is feared that a cycle of duping jewellers with fake gold might be running covertly across the city. In view of this, all the traders are being warned by the police officers to watch out for such miscreants.

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