Truck overturned, fell on the roof of a home in Chopra, two injured

Chopra, 05th April: Sensation prevailed after a fish-laden truck overturned, fell on the roof of a house and injured two inhabitants in Rangagaj Chopra NH-31.

According to local sources, the incident took place around 5 am on Monday. The two injured, including a child, were admitted to the Chopra Dalua Primary Health centre with the help of the locals. The furniture inside the house has also been damaged.

Jhuma Sarkar, a relative of the victims, said that she woke up to a loud noise around 5 am. She apparently rushed outside and saw a truck that fell on the roof of her brother-in-law’s room. Jhuma added that the injured were immediately rescued with the help of the locals.

Upon receiving the news, the Chopra police reached the spot. The police have started an investigation into the whole incident.

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