SOG nabbed notorious drug lord of Siliguri, two accomplices arrested

Siliguri, 08th September: The Special Operations Group (SOG) nabbed the city’s kingpin of a drug smuggling racket. The alleged accused has been identified as MD Jabbar who had been escaping from the police every time. But, finally, SOG apprehended the mastermind of the narcotics racket in Siliguri. 

On the basis of tip-off, the SOG conducted an operation in the Porajhar area adjacent to the Medical More and arrested Jabbar along with two of his accomplices today. The two arrested accomplices have been identified as Sonu Shah and Sahil Khan.

At the same time, about 400 grams of brown sugar whose estimated value is lakhs of rupees have been recovered from the possession of the said three. Later the SOG handed over the three accused to the NJP police station for further action. The NJP police station will present all three in Jalpaiguri court tomorrow.

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