Siliguri woman claims her neighbors poisoned her cats

Siliguri, 25th February: Pachalika Das, a resident of the Ward No. 44 under the Siliguri Municipal Corporation and a cat lover, alleged that her cats were poisoned by a neighbor.

Pachalika fosters 6 cats in her house and she also looks after 4 more cats in the nearby area. According to Das, the 4 cats stopped coming to her house which worried her. When she started searching for the cats and found that they were unwell. Das immediately brought them home and started their treatment. However, one of the four kittes died.

Meanwhile, the cat lover stated that the 4 cats had stolen some fishes from the neighboring house, a few days ago. After the incident, the neighbors had threatened to poison the cats. Pachalika alleged that the cats were poisoned by the neighbors. She further stated that she will report the matter to the police.

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