Siliguri students organized a meeting against Hathras incident


Siliguri, 07th October: Students of different schools and colleges, along with several dignitaries, organized a meeting in Siliguri's Icchebari against the Hathras incident.

The programme was attended by Dean of North Bengal Medical College Dr Sandeep Sengupta, Dr Anirban Roy, and many others.

A college student named Arya Kal Roy said, "I strongly oppose the incident. Today's rally is aimed at changing the attitude of the common people towards women."

3 thoughts on “Siliguri students organized a meeting against Hathras incident

  1. Pralay Kumbhakar says:

    What a farce! Somewhere a young girl from poverty-stricken background dies in a truly backward area in India, and here some privileged nobodies will assemble in their cosy air-conditioned cafes and rattle off pre-prepaered speeches. Shame on such people and their vile attempts at garnering public attention.

  2. Surendra kumar agnihotri says:

    Swimming ke liye nadi me jana padta h, charpai par practice se swimming nhi seekhi jaati…… Hathras ko badnam mat kar

  3. Notcon says:

    on 10 th September 2020 a deaf and dumb girl was brutally raped tortured at Matiaburuj Kolkata West Bengal,but these people remain silent,on Barbaric, horrific, uncivilized inhuman rape incident of Kamudini these people remain silent, Why such double standard shame on such people

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