Siliguri Mayor Goutam Deb presented report card on ‘Talk to Mayor’ program

Siliguri, 13th February: ‘Talk to Mayor’ program, started by Mayor Goutam Deb as an initiative to listen and attend more to the complaints and grievances of the residents of the city is gaining popularity. In today’s program, the Mayor presented the report card for about a year. 

The report card consists of the number of complaints that have come so far in Siliguri Municipal Corporation’s ‘Talk to Mayor’ and the number that have been resolved. The report has been published in book form which is available at the municipal and borough offices. Along with this, the report card will be given on the website of the SMC as well. 

Mayor Goutam Deb spoke on ‘Talk to Mayor’ for 3 days as Administrator and 22 days as Mayor. A total of 580 problems have been reported in 25 days. Out of this, 60.51 percent of problems have been resolved. Mayor Goutam Deb said that 25 percent of the problems are being looked into. He further said that due to financial and other problems, some work has been stuck. Along with this, Mayor added that most of the complaints received on the WhatsApp number of the Municipal Corporation have been resolved.

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