Siliguri college management committee exempts Professor Amitabh Kanjilal from all college-related duties

Siliguri, 14th September: Professor Amitabh Kanjilal, the accused in the audio-clip scandal, has been exempted from performing all duties in Siliguri College.

Reportedly, a meeting of the management committee was held at Siliguri College today. After the meeting, Jayanta Kar, president of the committee, stated that Amitabh Kanjilal has been exempted from performing all duties at the moment. Also, his name and phone number will be removed from the college website.

On the other hand, an investigation committee has been formed on behalf of Siliguri College. The committee will submit a report within the next one month and the accused professor will be asked to show cause regarding his activities.

Kar further stated that the accused professor will not be allowed in any college-related work until he is proved innocent. He further said that another police complaint will be being lodged against the professor on behalf of the college.

4 thoughts on “Siliguri college management committee exempts Professor Amitabh Kanjilal from all college-related duties

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know I heard about this guy who was accused of physical harassment against a college girl, I thought it was a rumour but clearly this guy was having his own fill then in 2010 and still doing it till now. He should be punished if proven guilty.

  2. Abhishek Ray says:

    The college has lost its glory. There are a lot of allegations in regard to admission this year. Is the Governing Body competent enough? Why not an experienced person from the field of education being nominated as President of the Governing Body? Was not Mr Kar removed from the Managing Committee of Siliguri Girls High School a few years back? Does he possess enough education-related management skills to head an old and prestigious college like Siliguri College?

  3. Rajesh Rai says:

    I heard many bad habits of this guy. And I wanted to know you in this year many students phasing problems for theis admissions because TMCP party leaders have voluntarily paid Rs 10,000 for honors courses and Rs 5,000 for pass courses. Same happened in Sursya Sen College. What will happen if our education system deteriorates like this? We don’t want the party to be associated with any college.

  4. Ajoy Chaudhury says:

    If we want to make our education system world class to serve our country as well as our society then undoubtedly our education system must be free from all type of political interference.

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