Residents of Ward No. 8 stop SMC's construction work demanding public toilets

Siliguri, 27th February: The residents of Ward No. 8 stopped the construction work being conducted under the drinking water project.

It has been reported that the residents of the area have been demanding a public toilet in the area, for a long time. The locals alleged that a 'Sulabh Shauchalaya Pariyojana' (Public Toilet Project) was passed during a board meeting in 2018. Despite this, the Municipal Corporation started the construction work on the drinking water project without starting the construction work of the toilets. The residents demanded that the public toilet be constructed first and then the drinking water project.

In this context, Ward Councillor Khushboo Mittal stated that a public toilet is needed in Ward No. 8, because of which, the locals stopped the construction work of the drinking water project, today. Also, after the 'Sulabh Shauchalaya Pariyojana' was passed in a board meeting in 2018, Mittal had written to the Mayor demanding the construction of a toilet at the earliest. However, the construction work of the toilet has not commenced yet, so, the local people staged a protest.

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