Residents are troubled by ashes from tea factory in Ghoshpukur

Phansidewa, 12th September: Residents of Ghoshpukur in Phansidewa are facing trouble due to the chimney ash of a tea factory located in the area. Reportedly, for the last 4 months, the ashes are polluting the well water and the crops. 

The problem has not been resolved even after informing the factory owner. After which today the residents gathered and protested in front of the factory and also submitted a memorandum to the manager. Local residents said that the ash is falling in every corner of the house including water wells. Earlier the factory was running on coal, however, to reduce the cost, work is being done by burning rice husk.
The residents and the locals of the area are facing a lot of problems. A memorandum was submitted today regarding this. Residents gave a week for action to be taken. If the problem is still not resolved in the coming days, they warned of launching a massive agitation.
In this regard, factory manager Teerthnath Banerjee said that the incident is unfortunate. The chimney has been made 120 feet long as per the directions of the pollution board. Even after this, if this happens then immediate action will be taken.

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