Rajganj potters find an alternative solution to earn a living

Rajganj, 10th November: Due to the reduced worth of earthen lamps, the potters of Rajganj Kaimari found an alternative solution to earn a living. They now work as laborers.


Around 20 families of Kaimari in Rajganj’s Sukhani Gram Panchayat worked as potters. However, with the advent of modernity, the demand for pottery has diminished due to which they were bound to change their profession.

In this context, they said that the demand for various earthenware items, including earthen lamps, has declined due to the popularity of China-made lights in the market. Some are bringing earthen lamps and some essential items from the city and selling them in the market to maintain their hereditary occupation. They further said that if the demand for earthenware increases, they will return to their old profession once again.

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