Professor-audio scandal: College alumni demand proper investigation

Siliguri, 15th September: A professor demanded an amount of Rs 10,000 from a student to help her obtain passing grades in the examinations. As soon as the audio clip was streamed in Siliguri Times on Thursday, a stir was created across the entire city and beyond.

Following this, an investigation committee has been formed on behalf of Siliguri College. The college management committee asked the accused professor to show cause regarding his activities.

However, after the whole incident came to light, the alumni of the college also demanding an investigation in this concern. They sent an e-mail to the college and demanded a detailed investigation and strict punishment for the accused. Besides, several people raised their voices on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, a complaint was lodged at the Matigara police station on behalf of North Bengal University, on Saturday. However, the police officials did not yet reveal any details regarding their investigation.

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