Police busts ‘Dhongi Baba’ gang in Siliguri, two arrested

Siliguri, 03rd September: The undercover cops of Pradhan Nagar Police Station exposed a gang of imposters who were indulging in fraud activities in Siliguri. Following this police arrested a ‘Dhongi Baba’ and one of his accomplices. The arrested imposters have been identified as Mohammad Zahirul, a resident of Kishanganj in Bihar, and Rajib Pal, a resident of an area under Bhakti Nagar police station.

As per reports, an individual named Mohammad Zahirul moved around the city in disguise, entered people’s residences, and trapped them on the pretext of bringing peace to their homes and families. Subsequently, by imposing fear into the minds of the people and threatening of black magic, he looted valuables and gold items. Notable, the fraud gang was involved in many such incidents in the city.

As per police sources, on 29 August, an individual named Dorjee Lama, a resident of Salbari filed a written complaint at the police station. In the complaint, Lama stated that an individual arrived in the guise of a ‘Baba’ and cheated him, and absconded with gold jewelry.

Subsequently, on the basis of CCTV footage, the cops of Pradhan Nagar police station identified the imposter as Mohammad Zahirul. On Saturday, police received the information that once again the ‘Dhongi Baba’ was out with the intention of indulging in fraud.

Meanwhile, acting on a tip-off, the undercover police of Pradhan Nagar police station launched an operation in an area under the jurisdiction of the police station and arrested the ‘Dhongi Baba’. After interrogating the arrested accused, police also nabbed Rajib Pal, who bought the stolen gold. On Sunday, both the accused were produced before the Siliguri Court. Currently, the police are engaged in further investigation.

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