NGO steps up to help a needy person in Siliguri

Siliguri, 29th February: An NGO extended its helping hand to a needy person, identified as Shivnath Kumar (60), in Siliguri. Kumar was bathed and provided with medicines and food on behalf of the NGO.

Kumar was a rickshaw driver by profession. However, Kumar severely injured his leg when a vehicle collided with his rickshaw in Darjeeling More, last year. In order to survive, he now begs for food and money in the Pradhan Nagar area.

A trader, named Rajiv Chowdhury, stated that Kumar’s physical condition deteriorated, on February 24th. Rajiv immediately contacted an NGO for help. The members of the NGO provided Kumar with medical treatment.

Shakti Pal, a member of the NGO, stated that Kumar underwent medical treatment and was provided with food and medicines. Pal further stated that Kumar will be sent to a home in Birpara, on Sunday.

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