Newly constructed drain collapses in Rajganj, residents allege inferior quality work

Rajganj, 08th July: Within three months after the completion of a major drainage project in Rajganj, a section of the newly constructed drain has collapsed, sparking outrage among local businessmen and residents. Allegations have been raised against the inferior quality of construction work.


It has been reported that the drainage project, along with a paved road, was initiated ahead of the Lok Sabha polls in Rajganj Bazar, with an estimated budget of Rs 5 crore. However, a significant portion of the drain adjacent to the Rajganj Sri Sangha Club Maidan had collapsed earlier on Monday. The incident triggered the locals to voice their concerns over the quality of the construction work. 


Local sources revealed that the construction of the drain had commenced about three months ago and caused inconvenience to businesses and residents during its making. The collapse has now worsened the challenges faced by the commuters.


In response to this, the local administration and members of the ruling party have accused the agency responsible for the construction of negligence. Additionally, the entire responsibility for the breakage of the newly constructed drain has been left on the officials of the construction department.

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