Migrant workers not welcome back home in Bengal, Shankar Ghosh urged the citizens to be kind towards them

Siliguri, 20th May: In many parts of Bengal including Siliguri, those returning back home from other states were not welcomed. It is to be noted, the migrant workers and students are thoroughly being examined by the state administration, before letting them travel to their respective villages, to make sure they do not carry the fatal virus into the areas. Despite this, some people are allegedly refusing the entry of these migrants into the villages.

In this regard, Shankar Ghosh, member of the administrative board of Siliguri Municipal Corporation, stated that the police administration is highly vigilant to make sure that no inconvenience is caused to the ones who have recently returned from other states. However, he appealed to the local clubs and the ward co-ordinators to also come forward and make sure the migrants do not face any discrimination.

Apart from this, Ghosh urged all the people who returned to Siliguri from outside to follow all government protocols and maintain proper hygiene. He further requested the citizens to be responsible and be kind towards the migrant workers as they have finally reached home after facing enormous challenges and difficulties during the lockdown. 

Ghosh further maintained that the SMC has also planned several initiatives that are likely to be implemented in the future.

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