Locals protested against Goutam Deb's decision of a new crematorium along Mahananda River

Siliguri, 11th May: Chairman of the board of administrators (BOA) of Siliguri Municipal Corporation Goutam Deb inspected the vacant land along the river Mahananda near the State Guest House to set up a new cremation ground.

Following this, locals of Prakash Nagar Ward No.42 area of the Siliguri protested against the plan. Locals said that instead of constructing the crematorium ghat, a school, hospital or a park for children can be built in the area. However, cremation grounds will not be allowed to be built under any circumstances and if needed, they will protest and will knock on the door of the High Court, until the plan is dropped.

It is to recall, Chairman Goutam Deb earlier said that all the bodies of people who died from the coronavirus are being cremated in Sahudangi. To lessen the pressure, another cremation ghat will be constructed along the river Mahananda. He further said that with a population of 10 lakhs people in Siliguri, the Kiran Chandra crematorium ground cannot be stressed and the city needs two more cremation ghats. Therefore, a cremation ground will be prepared from the vacant space along the river Mahananda.

Goutam Deb stated that the available space will be handed over to traders and voluntary organizations. Following this, the cremation ground and a park will be constructed.

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