Local residents of Rajganj’s Gathiya Gachh raised their voices in demand for paving dilapidated road

Rajganj, 12th July: Local residents of Rajganj’s Gathiya Gachh raised their voices for repairing the tattered dilapidated roads of their locality. Adding to the woes, several hume pipes installed in the middle of the road have been damaged. 

The locals of Gathiya Gachh in Panikauri Gram Panchayat under Rajganj block have demanded the repairment of about one and a half kilometers of road. One of the locals named, Krishna Kamal Shil, stated that the roads have not been paved for the last 45 years. Furthermore, several hume pipes installed in two places have been broken. While the issue has been brought to the local administration umpteen numbers of times, no proper action has been taken to deal with their problems. 

Krishna Kamal added that the locals have submitted a number of memorandums in this regard to the panchayat office as well. However, due to the lack of responsive actions and indifference from the administration the people of the area are living under immense problems. In addition to this, the road becomes impossible to travel during rainy days due to the waterlogging situation. A year ago, the breakage of a part of the hume pipe had made the road narrow. Recently, a similar problem arose further making the road prone to accidents and forcing people to risk their lives while commuting.

Meanwhile, Panikauri Zonal President Amal Kuri stated that the Zila Parishad has been informed regarding the matter and hopes that the problems will be addressed very soon. 

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