Kidney patient from Rajganj seeks help to raise funds for operation

Rajganj, 08th April: 31-year-old Sujit Roy, resident of East Dhantala of Fulbari No. 2 Gram Panchayat of Rajganj is in need of a kidney transplant. However, due to his poor financial condition, he is unable to receive the required treatment. In such a desperate time, Sujit and his family have sought help to raise funds for his surgery.\

Reportedly, Sujit Roy supported his family by running a grocery shop at Fulbari market. He lives with his elderly father, wife, and children. Sadly, he was diagnosed with kidney failure a year ago and his whole world turned upside down.

Sujit Roy said that his hands and feet started bloating about a year ago, after which the physicians informed him that both his kidney were damaged and suggested him to undergo dialysis and later have a kidney transplant surgery. Apparently, Sujit has used up all his savings in dialysis and now is unable to buy the necessary medicines. Despite having a Swasthya Sathi card, he still needs lakhs of rupees to have a kidney transplant. Therefore, he has sought help from the people and social organizations.

Sujit's father said he worry for his son, daughter-in-law and his grandson. At an elderly age, he is looking after Sujit's grocery shop. He said that he is helpless and appealed for financial aid from individuals and organizations.

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