Goutam Deb inaugurated new projects in two different wards in Siliguri

Siliguri, 11th March: The State Tourism Minister, Goutam Deb, inaugurated several new projects in Ward No. 30 and 38 of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation.

First and foremost, the Minister inaugurated the newly constructed walls, road, and roadside beautification which was completed by the Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Department, in the Tarai Tarapada Adarsha Vidyalaya. The Minister stated that the school did not have any walls. Therefore, in view of the safety of the school, the roads were renovated, new walls were constructed and the roadside (footpath) was beautified. The Minister further mentioned that an amount of 74 lakh 60 thousand rupees was used to complete the work.

The Minister, then, inaugurated many road construction works and other projects in Ward No. 38 of the SMC. The constructing of drains and the restoration of roads in the Ward commenced from today. Minister Goutam Deb stated he works for the development of the common people throughout the year and inaugurates such works. He further asserted that all these works were not related to the Municipal Corporation Elections. Addressing the coronavirus scare in the city, the Minister stated that no instructions have been provided from the Tourism Department yet.

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