Erosion of Talma riverbanks in Rajganj leaves villagers scared

Rajganj 23rd May: The banks of Talma River at many places have eroded due to a lack of proper embankments or any other appropriate measures. The rising river and the speedy flow of water have caused erosion at several places in the region including tea garden lands of Haripal village under Kukurjan Gram Panchayat of Rajganj block.
According to reports, in the last few years, tea garden owners had to bear huge losses due to the same. This has also left the workers worried about losing their jobs. Furthermore, multiple bighas of land have been submerged in river water, especially after heavy downpours in the last few years. Locals believe that many lands are possibly going to get submerged this year, too.
In view of this, Kukurjan zone Pradhan Malti Roy demanded the administration take immediate steps to stop river erosion. "Gram Panchayat cannot solve the issue on their own. The matter has to be taken to the higher authorities," Roy asserted.

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