Cyclist injured after collision with an ambulance in Siliguri, driver arrested

Siliguri, 09th July: In a tragic turn of events, an ambulance accidently knocked down a cyclist. The incident took place on the Shaktigarh No. 2 road and the cyclist suffered severe injuries as a result.

Reports indicate that the individual on his cycle was crossing the road when he was hit by a speeding ambulance travelling from Noukaghat towards Jalpaiguri. The individual suffered significant injuries while the ambulance involved in the accident was left damaged. Meanwhile, a crowd of spectators gathered at the scene causing a halt in the traffic.

Upon receiving the news, the Siliguri police arrived at the spot, rescued the injured and transferred him to the Siliguri District Hospital. Subsequently, the ambulance driver was apprehended and the ambulance was taken into custody. Eyewitnesses claimed that the vehicle was running at a high speed without any patient inside. The police have initiated an investigation along with identifying the injured.

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