CPIM No. 03 Area Committee stage dharna in SMC

Siliguri, 15th September: The leaders and workers of CPIM's No. 03 Area Committee staged a sit-in protest after they arrived to submit a memorandum to the municipality commissioner.

Reportedly, the team reached the SMC to hand over a memorandum to the commissioner in support of various demands including vaccine corruption. However, no official was present at the office.

Alleging that earlier too they were sent back due to the absence of officials at SMC, the representatives of CPIM's No. 03 Area Committee expressed outrage. They stated that their demands are getting overlooked repeatedly. Following this, they staged a sit-in protest on SMC premises itself. They demanded their memorandum be accepted immediately.

The protest was eventually lifted after another official of SMC accepted their memorandum on behalf of the commissioner.

In this regard, former mayor-in-council, as well as CPIM leader Sharadindu Chakraborty, said that the present board of the municipality is incompetent. Chakraborty further warned of staging a larger movement in the coming days in support of various demands against SMC.

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