Coronavirus Scare: Broilers being sold at lower rates in Rajganj

Rajganj, 16th March: Amidst the coronavirus scare, broilers are being sold at lower rates in Rajganj. Meanwhile, the demand for mutton and the country chicken has increased significantly, while the demand for the broilers has decreased. A broiler, weighing two-and-a-half kgs, is being sold at 50 rupees only, at Shikarpur, Ambari, Rajganj Haat, and many other Haats. However, no customers are being sighted despite broilers being sold at such low rates.

Vidyut Das, a vendor, stated that amidst the coronavirus scare, broilers are not being sold in the market. The locals are hesitating to buy broilers due to the rumors spread regarding the disease.

Das further stated that broilers were being sold at 80-90 rupees per kg, a few days ago. However, due to a lack of demand for broilers, the retail traders are not buying them. Das further stated that the traders can now avoid losses only after proper awareness by the administration. Proper awareness will also remove the fear regarding the coronavirus from the minds of the customers.

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