Burglars loot three houses of the same locality in Rajganj

Rajganj, 09th February: Sensation prevailed after burglars robbed three houses of the same locality in Rajganj’s Haricharanvita village, on Monday night. An attempt was also made to rob two more houses. The miscreants fled away with cash, gold-silver jewellery, and various other valuables.


According to one of the house owners, Prahlad Roy said that this morning, he noticed ten thousand rupees cash and valuables worth 80-90 thousand rupees were missing from his house. Another house owner named Puchki Roy said that 4 thousand rupees have been stolen from his house. Also, Kalikinkar Kar said that a bicycle and some necessary documents are missing from his house. On the other hand, the miscreants failed to rob the houses of Bijan Sarkar and Anna Das.

In this regard, local panchayat member Santosh Roy said that frequent robberies take place in Haricharanvita village. As a result, the residents live in constant fear. He demanded an increase in police surveillance. Upon receiving the news, the Ambari outpost police reached the spot and started an investigation.

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