Black marketing of government ration busted in Mohorgon Tea Garden, two drivers arrested

Siliguri, 13th August: A case of illicit business stealing money out of government scheme “Duare Ration” has come to light in Mohorgon Tea Garden under Pradhan Nagar Police Station area. Reportedly, plantation workers caught two vehicles carrying stolen rations and handed them over to the Pradhan Nagar police station. The police detained two people for further investigation. 

According to the information, plantation workers of Mohorgon tea garden are provided with rations under the ‘Duare Ration’ scheme. In the meantime, while distributing ration the ration dealers told the workers that ration was given in less quantity. Speculating on black marketing the plantation workers started an investigation. During this, it was learnt that the ration dealer was conducting illicit business with the rations provided to them by the government. 

After this, the workers confiscated two vehicles laden with rations last night. During this, the driver told the workers that the manager had asked them to take the ration to another place. On which the workers did not believe it and caught the drivers of both the vehicles and handed them over to the police of Pradhan Nagar police station. The police have started investigating the whole matter.

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