Allegations of nuisance and harassment surface against local man in Siliguri

Siliguri, 17th August: A local resident’s actions have caused a stir as allegations of troublesome behavior and harassment have surfaced in Shaktigarh PWD More. The alleged local ‘gunda’ has reportedly been causing distress to nearby businessmen for an extended period, prompting concerns and raising questions about the safety and well-being of the local community.

Incidents involving this individual have become a recurring issue, with accounts suggesting that he frequently enters shops, procures goods, and then departs without providing payment. The most recent case involved the accused entering a shop, purchasing cigarettes and water, yet refusing to settle the bill, adding to the frustration of shopkeepers.

The accused’s actions have escalated beyond mere non-payment, as he has been accused of creating disturbances and confronting businessmen who demand payment for their goods. Additionally, troubling reports indicate that he has allegedly abused and harassed individuals who have spoken up against his behavior.

A woman businesswoman named Soma Sen has come forward with accusations against the individual, asserting that she has been living in fear due to his ongoing actions. She disclosed that his disruptive behavior has been an ongoing issue, causing distress and anxiety within the community. Consequently, she lodged a formal complaint against the accused, identified as Gobind Das, at the NJP police station.

Byabasayee Samiti members expressed their concerns and frustration over the persistent trouble caused by the accused. Partha Ghosh, the secretary of the PWD More Byabasayee Samiti, revealed that multiple businesses have previously faced harassment from the accused, leading to prior complaints lodged with the police.

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