50 miscreants attack a family in Fakdaibari with firearms, one injured

Siliguri, 11th January: Sensation prevailed after Sushil Roy and his family, residents of the Fakdaibari area, were attacked by a large group of miscreants in broad daylight.

Reportedly, a clash broke out between two parties in the said area on Sunday night. During which, Sushil Roy and several locals had reached the spot to control the situation.

While the matter seemed to have died down, a group of around 50 people attacked Sushil Roy and his family at his house with firearms this afternoon. They also pelted bricks and stones at his house. Although Roy suffered mild injuries, his younger son Titu Roy has been admitted to Siliguri District Hospital with severe injuries.

In this regard, Sushil Roy said that he does not recognize any of the miscreants and claim to have no personal resentment with them. He alleged that the men attacked him and his family members because of the previous night's conflict. Roy lodged a written complaint at the Ashighar outpost in this regard.

Local resident Vikram Mukherjee said that on Sunday night, a group of highly intoxicated men came to the Fakdaibari area and accused a local, Pintu Lohar, of stealing a gold chain. However, the locals handed over the chain to the men after they found it lying at the roadside shortly after. Vikram alleged today's unforeseen attack has caused a stir in the whole area.

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