Woman sits in dharna with her 8-year-old son outside in-laws' house in Rajganj

Rajganj, 06th August: Baby Mallick has been sitting on dharna along with her 8-year-old child outside her in-laws' house after she was denied entry. The incident surfaced from the Fulbari-02 Gram Panchayat Purba Dhantala area.

As per the report, Baby Mallick, a resident of Jantanagar, Siliguri, married Sandeep Mallick, a resident of East Dhantala, Fulbari, around 11 years ago. They also have an 8-year-old son. Baby Mallick alleged that her in-laws started physically and mentally abusing her a few months after their marriage.

An arbitration meeting was held on July 14 in the presence of local Gram Panchayat members. At the meeting, Sandeep Mallick agreed to stay separately with his wife and child in a rented house. He then dropped his wife at her paternal house for a few days. However, 22 days have passed since the meeting and Sandeep has not rented any house.

When Baby Mallick came to her in-law's house with her son on Friday, her mother-in-law and father-in-law stopped her from entering the house. Following which, she sat in a dharna with her son.

Meanwhile, local panchayat member Kanchan Mandal and NJP police rushed to the spot after receiving the news of the incident. She later lifted the dharna after her in-laws’ assured to rent a house for her.

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