Unanswered queries surround the completion of Burdwan Road flyover construction

Siliguri, 20th May: The construction work on the flyover on Burdwan Road has commenced, but the lingering question remains: when will it be completed? The local residents have expressed their dismay as delays surround the project. Concerns and queries have emerged regarding the ongoing construction of this flyover, which has been in progress for several years but has encountered setbacks. It is believed that the work has faced obstacles due to issues between the Public Works Department and the Railways.

During a recent episode of the “Mayor Ke Bolo” program, a resident from the Ganganagar area called in and inquired about the completion date of the flyover. In response, the Mayor acknowledged the technical challenges that have halted the progress. He added that he will be visiting Kolkata to discuss the matter with the Minister of Public Works Department and conduct a meeting with the concerned agency and the Railways in Siliguri. The Mayor further assured that the construction would be completed promptly.

Meanwhile, the necessity of the Burdwan Road flyover was questioned. When asked about this, the Mayor explained that a survey had been conducted, indicating an expected increase in the number of vehicles on the road in the future, thereby justifying the need for a flyover.

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