Two arrested in connection with theft case in Siliguri

Siliguri, 10th July: In a significant breakthrough, the cops of the Siliguri police station have arrested two individuals, Palash Mondal and Sanjib Sutradhar, in connection with a theft that occurred on July 3. Sanjib Sutradhar is reportedly an employee of a gold shop.


Reportedly, the incident took place at a residence in Hakimpara, Siliguri, where several documents, gold ornaments, and 18,000 rupees in cash were stolen. A written complaint was filed at the Siliguri police station the following day.


During the investigation, it was discovered that three bags containing money, gold ornaments, and documents were stolen using a hook. Acting on a tip-off, police apprehended Palash Mondal from the Dabgram area on July 7 and recovered the stolen bags from his residence.


Palash Mondal was subsequently produced in court and remanded for three days. During interrogation, he revealed that seven grams of gold had been sold to a gold shop employee. This led to the arrest of Sanjib Sutradhar, who was found with the melted gold during a raid at a gold shop in Khudiram Pally on Tuesday night.


Sanjib Sutradhar was presented at the Siliguri Sub-Divisional Court on Wednesday. The police continue to investigate the entire incident.

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