Torrential rain in Sikkim triggers flooding of Teesta River, Kalimpong-Darjeeling route closed

Sikkim, 13th June: In the wake of the incessant rainfall over the past few days, numerous areas across Sikkim have witnessed devastating landslides, leading to reported fatalities. Meanwhile, the water of Teesta has been severely rising since Wednesday night, as the memories of the catastrophic flood in 2023 have terrified the residents of Kalimpong.

Residents along the Teesta riverbed are grappling with terror as the rising water levels have wreaked havoc, leaving a trail of destruction. Additionally, the Teesta Bazar area of Kalimpong has been severely flooded. Earlier in 2023, the disastrous flood in Sikkim had swept away several establishments in the Teesta Bazar area while residents area terrified of a similar outcome due to the impending disaster.

At the same time, several sections of North Sikkim are experiencing frequent landslides. Apart from houses collapsing at different places in Sikkim, several individuals have disappeared. The situation has led to significant damage to the National Highway-10. Recently, three fatalities were reported in a landslide in Yangang, Sikkim. In addition to this, a massive landslide has occurred in the Mangan area of Sikkim. Compounding the issue, the Melli Stadium of South Sikkim has been inundated with flood water.

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