TIN vs No TIN: Toto drivers stage protest in Dagapur

Siliguri, 07th January: The Siliguri Metropolitan Police, earlier, issued a directory stating to ban e-rickshaws (toto) without permanent number plates on the city’s national highways from January 01. Since then, the toto drivers have been opposing the directive demanding the withdrawal of the order.

Likewise, today, several drivers of totos without TIN number staged their protest by stopping totos with TIN number plying on the Dagapur-Darjeeling More route. The atmosphere in the area boiled up, however, the traffic police reached the spot shortly after and brought the situation under control.

Toto drivers demanded the administration to either allow totos without TIN number to ply on the national highway or completely ban the movement of all totos. Condemning the decision of the administration, the toto drivers asked for equal rules for all.

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