Tension in the area after two bears entered a village in Alipurduar

Alipurduar, 11th November: Sensation prevailed after two adult bears entered the South Latabari village of Kalchini block late last night. However, the bears were eventually tranquillized by the Forest Department today. 

As per the report, the two bears had entered the house of Umesh Thakur in South Latabari at around two o'clock last night. The bears then dragged Umesh's domestic pig and took it with them. After this, the Forest Department was immediately informed. 

The forest workers of South Latabari Buxa project and cops of Kalchini police station reached the spot the following morning. And after a lot of effort, both the bears were tranquillized and captured. The forest department took both bears to Dooars' Rajabhatkhawa.

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