SMC to provide financial assistance to the families of deceased Trinamool activists

Siliguri, 28th July: Siliguri Municipal Corporation extends help to the families of deceased Trinamool activists, Tokon Saha and Tilak Bahadur Chettri who lost their lives due to political violence on the eve of the 1998 panchayat elections in Chhota Fapri.

Administrator Goutam Deb handed over a check of Rs 1,000 to both families. In addition to this, the family of Uday Chakraborty, who was killed in 1994 due to political violence, was also given financial help.

Goutam Deb said that from next month, financial assistance will be provided to the families of Tokon Saha and Tilak Bahadur Chhetri every month. The money will be provided from the Chairman Relief Fund.

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