SMC Borough-1 office scam: TMC accuses SMC of fraud

Siliguri, 19th February: On Tuesday, news of an illegal business operating in the Borough-1 office of Siliguri Municipal Corporation surfaced and caused quite a stir. Allegedly, house plans were being illegally passed through the office. In this context, a complaint has been lodged against Tahir Hussain, accusing him of being involved in the incident.

Condemning the scam, the Trinamool Congress members and Councillors, on Wednesday, demanded Borough Chairman Snigdha Hazra and others to resign from their posts. The TMC Councillors also held a meeting with the Commissioner of the SMC and submitted a memorandum in this regard.

Addressing the media, the opposition leader of SMC, Ranjan Sarkar alleged that numerous people are involved in the scam and demanded the matter to be investigated properly. Sarker asserted that none of the accused should be in charge until the investigation gets over. Sarkar also condemned the role of the Mayor of SMC.

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