Siliguri’s social worker Madan Bhattacharya extends helping hand towards an elderly woman

Rajganj, 28th February: Siliguri’s social worker Madan Bhattacharya has taken all the responsibilities of an elderly woman named Minati Barman for the past 11 years. Every 6 months, he provides her with food items and other daily-use products.

Minati Barman, a resident of Fulbari West Dhantala used to work at a biscuit factory in the said area with her husband. However, as the factory closed down later, Minati lost her job. Her husband also passed away after a few days.
Due to poor health, Barman stopped working which led to the poor financial condition of the family. The matter was reported to the aforementioned social worker in 2011. Upon receiving the news, Bhattacharya extended his helping hand towards the elderly woman.

Bhattacharya stated that the ailing woman is his responsibility and expresses hope that she will recover soon. He further assured that he will conduct repairment work of her residence soon.

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