Siliguri man attempted to rape a woman after luring her for ration

Siliguri, 19th May: NJP police launched an investigation to arrest a man for attempting to rape a woman by luring her for ration. The matter surfaced from the Paschim Dhantala area adjacent to Fulbari Murder More.

Mujibar Rahman, a contractor by profession, allegedly tried to rape a woman of the aforementioned area by luring her with food materials. When things did not go according to the plan, Rahman threatened to kill the woman and her husband if they tried to tell anyone else concerning the incident. However, when the locals came to know about the episode, the accused fled away from the scene.

The woman filed a police complaint against the accused and the agitated locals staged a protest outside the NJP police station demanding the immediate arrest of the accused. An investigation has been launched into the matter.

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