Siliguri District Hospital secures first place in state-level Sushree Prakalpa

Siliguri, 10th November: Siliguri District Hospital won first place in the state-level Sushree Prakalpa organized on the basis of service and cleanliness. The hospital authorities will be awarded 50 lakh rupees as prize money.

According to the information, in 2015, the said project was launched for the first time with all the hospitals in the state. Siliguri District Hospital has been securing a good place almost every year. Earlier too, they had won the first prize.

In this context, Hospital Superintendent Amitabh Mandal said that the hospital's cleanliness, service support, and other issues were monitored and the decision was taken.

Reportedly, the hospital authorities will use the prize money for the hospital’s development work. Several proposals will be put forward in the meeting of the Rogi Kalyan Samiti (Patient Welfare Committee) of Siliguri. Once it gets approved, work will commence accordingly.

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