Ruckus at Deshbandhu High Primary School Vaccination Center, Goutam Deb arrives to take stock

Siliguri, 12th September: Troubles were reported at several COVID vaccination centres across Siliguri when a large number of beneficiaries were denied vaccines after waiting in long queues. A similar scenario was witnessed at the vaccination centre at Deshbandhu High Primary School Vaccination located in Ward No. 01, today.

Allegedly, the token for the vaccine was already distributed the night before. As a result, the people who came to the centre this morning did not get any tokens, which led to a huge ruckus.

Upon receiving the news of the uproar, Goutam Deb, chairman of the administrative board of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation, and Ranjan Sarkar, a member of the administrative board, reached the spot. While the commotion was pacified, a large police force was deployed to avoid any untoward incident.

Addressing the media, Siliguri Administrator Goutam Deb said that he is personally visiting the vaccination centres to keep a check regarding any problem. He assured that the problem at the aforementioned centre has been resolved.

“The officials of the centre have been instructed to give vaccination tokens in the morning,” Deb added.

Furthermore, he added that by the end of September 31, the first dose of vaccination will be completed for all the people in Siliguri. Also, more vaccination centres will be set up if needed. BoA member Ranjan Sarkar said that all the residents of the city will have to be vaccinated.

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