Road blockade staged at state highway over drinking water crisis in Naxalbari

Naxalbari, 07th July: Residents of Dakshin Station Para in Naxalbari staged a protest blocking the Naxalbari-Kharibari state highway over demands for drinking water.

Reports indicate that the area has been without water for the past year, compelling locals to travel 3-4 kilometers to fetch water. The situation eventually led to the road blockade in protest. Local residents expressed frustration, warning of a major agitation if immediate steps are not taken to resolve the water crisis.

In response to the unrest, the local panchayat Pradhan assured that the issue has been reported to the concerned authorities for a swift resolution. Meanwhile, Arun Ghosh, Sabhadhipati of the Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad, affirmed that the problem will soon be resolved, assuring that piped water will reach the houses by December with the initiation of a solar-powered water project in the area.

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