Residents outraged during Mayor Gautam Deb’s visit to Siliguri’s Ward No. 34

Siliguri, 16th June: Mayor Gautam Deb encountered an angry mob of residents during his visit to the More Bazar Bridge and the river area in Ward No. 34 of Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC).

According to reports, residents voiced their frustrations over the month-long shortage of drinking water and the absence of a functional bridge obstructing local transportation. They further expressed their concerns regarding the flooding of houses during the monsoon every year. Reportedly, the issue prevails this year due to the incessant rainfall.

During this, Mayor Gautam Deb was accompanied by MMIC Dulal Dutta, Councilor Biman Tapadar, and officials from the Irrigation and Public Health Engineering (PHE) Departments. On this day, the residents spoke about several problems in the area after meeting the Mayor.

In this regard, Mayor Gautam Deb announced plans for the construction of a permanent paved bridge connecting Part-1 and Part-2 (Morbazar) in E Block of Ward No. 34 before the upcoming Puja festival. Additionally, a temporary bridge will be installed to restore local transport for the time being. Furthermore, the Mayor assured the installation of taps, wells, and water tanks to mitigate the drinking water crisis in the area.

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